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Moama Lights, Sunago Delights

Once again, the banks of Horseshoe Lagoon will be illuminated for Moama Lights 2024 and Sunago has your pre-show dinner to dine in or take with you as you walk through the redgums of Horseshoe Lagoon.

We can cater to your ticket timing and have your food on the table and devoured in time for the lights, just let us know when you book in!

Bringing the kids to Moama Lights? No problem! Our kids menu is perfect for fussy eaters and little nibblers alike. Our selection includes roasted lamb, grilled chicken, grilled fish and fried kalamari.

If that hasn’t enticed you to visit our popular Echuca restaurant, perhaps our desserts will.

Our signature baklava and loukoumedes are obvious choices but did you know we have house-made cakes by the slice?

Take one (or two for $18) with you to the Lights or swing past afterwards to warm back up in atmosphere of our cozy restaurant.

For takeaway, we accept pre-orders from 3:00pm to pick-up from 5:45pm. We cannot always avoid long wait times for takeaway in the thick of dinner service so please be sure to order ahead.

Moama Lights brings enchantment to the Murray region in the middle of winter and while Moama Lights, Sunago delights!

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